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New for 2017!

Tel: 01889 270 398

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The above prices include: Food (unless on a special diet), treats, exercise, insurance and heating when necessary.

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Pricing:   Miminum 2 Day charge

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Small breeds: Jack Russells, Cairns etc

Medium breeds: Collies, Staffies etc

Large breeds: Labradors, GSD’s etc

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Giant breeds: Great Danes, Mastiffs etc

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£15.00 per day

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£15.50 per day

£16.00 per day

£16.50 per day


Any pets sharing their abode the cost will be reduced by £1.00 per pet per day.

We provide included comprehensive insurance cover for all our residents

This will cover veterinary fees for any accident or illness that arises on the premises of Paws-A-while.

However this will not cover any existing illnesses or injuries.

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All breeds

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£9.00 per day

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Maisie the Great Dane

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01889 270 398

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